Social Responsibility


The Foundation for Self reformation and healing has a social responsibility. We aim to be able to offer all our services to those people who cannot afford our services. In this regard, FSRH offers all our services free of charge to those who need our services or courses and cannot afford it.

Feel free to contact us should you feel that you or someone you know is in need of our services but they cannot afford it. We will do an assessment and see what way we can be of assistance.

This is just one way in which we give back to the community.

In addition FSRH does regular FREE seminars and talks throughout the country. Several such programmes have taken place in Durban and Gauteng. In this way we help empower the less fortunate in our community.

We also host free short self defence seminars where people from the community are taught self defence techniques and strategies which is very useful in our society today. We also get experts in the fields of self defence and street fighting to also enlighten members of the community.

The FSRH has hosted the “Unleash your potential: A course for teenagers” free of charge on a few occasions. Students from all over Durban partook of this unique opportunity and benefitted tremendously. We are very passionate about empowering our youth and wish to host more of this free seminar to under-privileged youth. Feel free to contact us and see how we can partner with you or your company to host this course in an area where youth empowerment is necessary.

Dr Khan also conducts weekly spiritual programmes (zikr programmes) in Overport and a monthly programme in Phoenix.

He is also the chairman and founder of an organisation called “ As Siddeeq Charitable Trust”. The aim of the organisation is to help people in under-privileged areas to empower themselves. Plans are underway to establish mobile clinic services to provide health care in some areas in Durban to people who have difficulty accessing health care as well as to have feeding schemes and empowerment projects in these areas. We believe that by empowering people we will be able to uplift the community and society as a whole.

Feel free to contact us to enquire about any of our social responsibility projects and how you or your organisation can assist us by either hosting us or donating towards these projects.