Life Empowerment Course

Life empowerment course

 This course is a unique course that will help you to transform your life dramatically. It will change your life if you practice the principles. These principles have been tried and tested and work for sure. The course will be held over 6 months. Lectures are held once every month usually on a Saturday. All that is required from you is to attend the lectures and apply the principles. We will be giving you homework to do after every lecture. You have one month in which to read the notes and consolidate the class session, practice the principles and do the homework. By doing this you will see magic unfolding in your life. Remember an effort is required from you. It does take a lot of courage to take the step to come forward and change your life. If you follow the principles in the course and make it a part of your life then you will certainly see positive changes in all areas of your life. You will see changes in your relationships, in your finances, in your daily reaction to life and generally in you outlook of life. Many students from all walks of life have done this course and changed their lives. Isn’t it time that you change yours!   The most important question we want you to ask yourself before you read any further is:


 If you are not happy with the drama in your life right now and want change then this is the course for you. If you put in the effort sincerely and try your best then your life will change and you will take back ownership of your life!

 Once you have registered then we will send you a detailed psychological questionnaire which you will fill in and return on the day of the first lecture (Phase 1).

Here is a brief overview of the course (Many other subjects will be covered):

The course comprises of 6 phases. Each phase lecture takes place usually on a Saturday from 09h30 till around 15h30. After each phase you take the notes given to you and read through it, internalise the material and practice on it in your life by doing the exercises. You are also given homework tasks which need to be handed in at the start of the next Phase lecture. You have one month between each phase( which is adequate time) to cover all the tasks and homework. The homework gives us an idea whether you understand the concepts covered. At the end of all phases you can take an open book test and after successful completion you will be given a certificate.   Some of the topics covered in detail in the course are:


Phase 1

-Belief systems especially about faulty beliefs and how to correct them once and for all.

- 3 different types of self and how they operate.

- 4 Keys to original freedom

Phase 2

-How we sabourtage our own thinking with mental additions.

-Communication and effective communication.

-How to deal effectively and efficiently with events in your life.

- DNA.

- Genetic regression Therapy.

-Goals template.

Phase 3

- Changing the past


-Hypocritical Morality

- Mind Mapping

- Meditation

-Manifesting abundance

- Visualisation

-Magnetic Attraction

- Living consciously – Mindfulness

Phase 4

- Masks - The Illusion of Who We Are.

- The "Energy Eaters".

-Why People Treat You As They Do.

- Dealing with Difficult People Projection and Labelling.

- Depression – what it is and how to cope with it.

-Habits – what to do about them.

Phase 5

-3 Definitions of Truth

-Noise as a Suppressor of Subtle Senses

-Importance of  "Quiet Time"

-Importance of contact with Nature

-Growing new Neural Pathways

-Time and how to manipulate time to your advantage.

Phase 6

-Putting Yourself First

- Slotting the Principles of "Life-Empowerment" into every day life

- Program for Success

-More tools for manifesting abundance.

-Finance and dealing with money

- Checking Your Progress

- Imagination and its Power

-The importance of Dreams